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नेपालले लिनु पर्ने बाटो

This article by Director, Mr. Raju Pandit Chhetri, was published in the Magh 2072 issue of the magazine "हाका-हाकी (Haka-haki)".


Brief Information on COP21/ CMP11

The following document is a brief concept note prepared for the consultation program on "Expectations from UNFCCC COP21/ CMP11". For details on the event, visit


Financing inclusive low-carbon resilient development: The role of the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre in Nepal

Several of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries are leading the way in developing and implementing low-carbon climate-resilient development (LCRD) strategies. LCRD strategies bring together the two main policy responses to climate change — adaptation and mitigation — to help promote poverty reduction and lead countries towards a pathway of long-term sustainable development. For more detail