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Statement by the Climate and Development Dialogue on the Occasion of World Environment Day

5th June 2018

Skewed focus on rapid economic development has since long pushed environmental issues to the back burner leading to multiple crises of unprecedented dimensions. This holds true for Nepal as well. The deteriorating air quality, unclean water and intolerable sound pollution are reducing the quality of life, especially in the urban areas. Over congestion of fossil fuel-powered vehicles, unplanned urbanization, unregulated industrial pollution and uncontrolled application of chemical pesticides in crops and vegetables are putting the lives of people at great risk. Human-induced pollution of these kinds is not limited to human settlements; it has started severely affecting pristine forests, rivers, lakes, wetlands, mountains and oceans, thereby jeopardizing the flora, fauna and the entire ecosystems. There is a clear need for greater awareness and actions on environmental protection.

The United Nations started observing ‘World Environment Day’ since 1974 with a special focus on addressing urgent environmental concerns. Every year a new theme is chosen. The theme for 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Overuse of plastics has become a real threat to humans and the environment around the world including Nepal. On this occasion of ‘World Environment Day’, members of the Climate and Development Dialogue (C&D Dialogue)[1] and the undersigned strongly demand that the Government of Nepal consider the following actions in order to address plastic pollution and protect the environment as a whole.

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Undersigned by

  1. Action Aid Nepal
  2. Dan Church Aid (DCA Nepal)
  3. DidiBahini Nepal
  4. HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Nepal
  5. HIMAWANTI Nepal
  6. Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Centre (KIRDARC)
  7. Practical Action Nepal
  8. Prakriti Resources Centre (PRC)
  9. TEWA – Philanthropy for Equitable Justice and Peace
  10. The Mountain Institute (TMI)

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[1]Climate and Development Dialogue (C&D Dialogue) is an informal common platform of non-government stakeholders that facilitates dialogues and exchange of knowledge and learning on the interrelations between climate change, development and gender equality. It also works to bridge the knowledge gap on thse areas between the national and local levels and generate collective actions for policy interventions.