Prakriti Resources Centre


PRC works to promote environmental integrity and social development in the Nepali communities. It constructively engages with multiple stakeholders in order to meet its targeted goals. PRC embraces the following working approaches.

Research and Study

PRC conducts research and studies to increase its knowledge base, and to inform and influence the policy and decision makers. Research finding and information is be shared through publications, interactions, newsletters and media. Wider dissemination and sharing of information is one of the major focus.

Policy Engagement

PRC believes that right policy choices will shape the environmental integrity and development of a country. Hence, PRC makes every effort to promote and protect right policies by means of engagement with policy makers and the government.

Capacity Building

Building skilled and knowledgeable human resources from local implementers to policy makers is imperative to achieving a sustainable development. PRC conducts trainings, visits and shares information backed by research and experience through various means.

Private Sector Engagement

Private sectors have a bigger role to play in the development of a country. This is particularly focusing on national private sectors and MSMEs. PRC closely engages with such stakeholders to build their capacity, engage them in the policy processes and to embrace environmental integrity.

Partnership and Networking

As partnership gives us strength,  we partner and network with like-minded organizations to achieve our goals. PRC works in collaboration with various NGOs, government agencies and private sectors to synergize efforts and achieve better outcomes.